Our Partners

Partnership is a key ingredient to ICAT’s overall success. Our excellence is mirrored by the entities we choose to work with around the globe. This includes everyone from our agency partners to our vendors to our international agents.

In some instances, we take our relationships a step further and create teaming agreements to offer our customers beneficial solutions only available through these relationships. 3Li, LLC and ICAT Transport are invaluable assets to our already-thriving global network. With these teaming agreements in place, we can further assist clients who need specialized requirements when it comes to shipping their freight.

3Li, LLC, our minority teaming partner, is a Native American-owned company that provides unique shipping solutions for those who have to meet a specific minority spend requirement. With a customer-focused mindset and invaluable logistics experience, 3Li can help you to meet these certain requirements.

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ICAT Transport, a division of ICAT Logistics, assists companies who require specialized shipping solutions for their high-value products. As a dedicated agent for a large international carrier, ICAT Transport has the ability to offer niche-focused services, including Final Mile, White Glove, and Temperature-Controlled.

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