An ICAT Logistics Case Study

Creative Product Displays

Creative Product Displays


A retail client of ICAT Logistics needed to ship Point of Purchase (POP) displays to the pharmacy section of various grocery store chains throughout Canada from the United States.


These shipments could have been done by trucking the displays across the United States and making border entries at various points into Canada. However, ICAT’s research indicated that this would incur tariffs at each point of entry for the all 250 displays. At a cost of $125 per display, this would put the total freight cost at $31,250.


With careful planning, an efficient solution was put into place. By bundling the displays into one package and sending them to Toronto as three truckloads, our client only paid per truckload and incurred substantially less tariffs, for a savings of more than $30,000. Deliveries were coordinated across Canada from there, saving the client time and money.

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