An ICAT Logistics Case Study

Time-Critical Solution for a Special Event

One Call (The Problem)

With the Olympic Games underway, ICAT received a call advising that Pavel Datsyuk needed 6 more hockey sticks in Sochi for the Olympics. Pavel played for the Detroit Red Wings and was the Team Captain for Russia during the 2014 Winter Olympics. Due to the heightened security during these type of events, it was imperative for ICAT to find a quick and effective solution.

Right Solution (The Solution)

ICAT jumped into action by picking up the sticks then making special arrangements to fly them to Sochi with an air partner that specializes in shipping to Russia. To complicate matters during the Olympics, there was an embargo for all orders going to Sochi for security purposes.

…DONE! (The Results)

With country pride on the line, ICAT’s team in Moscow had the goods cleared in under 24 hours (this alone is unheard of in Russia) and delivered in Sochi! When in need of a partner to handle your time-sensitive goods, ICAT is your reliable option no matter where you’re going in the world!