An ICAT Logistics Case Study

Time-Critical Delivery with a Life on the Line

One Call (The Problem)

A 6-month old patient with congenital heart disease at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin was in need of a heart transplant. Until a suitable donor heart could be found, the Berlin Heart EXCOR Pediatric VAD (ventricular assist device) was chosen to serve as a bridge-to-transplant. After the patient was prepped for surgery and brought the operating room, it was then discovered additional components were required if the implant were to continue, so the client called ICAT.

Right Solution (The Solution)

ICAT immediately dispatched collection of the components from Ann Arbor, Michigan, chartered an aircraft to fly them to Milwaukee, and coordinated the final delivery at the destination. Every step of the way, ICAT communicated the shipment’s progress to all concerned parties.

…DONE! (The Results)

In less than 5 hours from making the initial call, ICAT’s final courier was walking through the hospital door with the components in hand. Our client received multiple congratulations that day—including one from the surgeon. ICAT received a wholehearted thank you for coming through in a truly life-or-death situation.