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One Call, Right Solution.....DONE!


One Call, Right Solution... DONE!

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By partnering with ICAT Logistics, we can minimize the challenges often associated with international shipping, giving you the competitive advantage needed for profitable growth. Through our internal network of ocean, air, and ground service providers and partners, our solutions are dynamic and creative. Examples are:


Gain Competitive Advantage

  • Full service options from door-to-door and everywhere in-between
  • Full air service ranging from single pallet positions to charters
  • Online tracking and tracing providing real-time shipment visibility
  • Worldwide Customs Clearance
  • Foreign-to-foreign deliveries
  • Carnet Insurance

Manage Efficiently

  • Fully Integrated Warehouse & Inventory Management System (WIMS)
  • Deconsolidation & Distribution
  • Distribution services providing order fulfillment and returns
  • Management of supply chain through technology/brick & mortar resources
  • Long/Short-Term & Near Source warehousing domestically and internationally

We have close working relationships with over 300 agents around the world!
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We are longtime members of the World Cargo Alliance (WCA). While we currently offer solutions to complex supply chain challenges across the globe, we specialize in Asia, Europe and South/Central America.

Our non-asset business model allows you and your customers flexibility not typically offered by large multi-national asset-based carriers. Our ability to pick up from hundreds of foreign ports and deliver to any U.S. port can save significant time and money. In today’s global economy the ability to move direct from point A to point B can offer you a discernible difference in the marketplace.

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