An ICAT Logistics Case Study

Seamless Coordination

Seamless Coordination


A nationally-known logistics company had mistakenly split a shipment to St. Maarten, sending half of the freight to Cartagena, Colombia. Due to difficult customs regulations and complex rules, it can be quite a feat to recover a shipment once it has entered another country. This is when the customer reached out to ICAT for help in getting the freight back to St. Maarten.


Once ICAT learned of the critical error that was made by the other logistics company, they jumped into action. ICAT’s agent in Colombia was contacted and they immediately began the process with local customs and contacted the consignee to work out the details so the goods could be re-exported.

The freight was originally supposed to be shipped via air so the customer wanted to move it back the same way—but there was a problem. The freight had actually arrived on an ocean carrier into Colombia through the Cartagena port, and due to strict regulations, was only allowed to be re-exported via ocean. Since the customer did not want to clear the goods because it would delay the entire process, ICAT offered them the best option: ship it back to Miami instead of going to St. Maarten.


The customer agreed to the option provided. ICAT moved the freight back to Miami and bonded it with an “immediate export” code. Once the shipment arrived in Miami via ocean, ICAT already had the booking set up with the airline and quickly transported the freight to St. Maarten.

Thanks to ICAT’s diligent planning, invaluable expertise, and great partner in Latin America, the customer was able to take back control of their freight. The merchandise was delivered in a timely manner and the option ICAT provided ultimately saved the customer time and money.

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