An ICAT Logistics Case Study

Quick Turnaround & Successful Transition of a New ICAT Office



The company I was with shut their doors. I had been talking with ICAT on and off for a few years, but had never taken the plunge into business ownership. It was a daunting proposition when joining another company seemed like the more secure option. When the company I joined shut down, I didn’t feel comfortable taking another job and risking this happening again to my staff and customers.

I always liked ICAT’s core values and mission, and believed that everyone who worked for the company shared the same goals and vision that I did. Not only was the entire corporate staff straightforward and upfront with everything, they also made it clear that they would go above and beyond to give support.

The ICAT corporate team had us up and running in 72 hours. We learned about our company closing on a Friday, and we were an ICAT agency by Monday morning. Everything was taken care of from start to finish. A team from the corporate office flew out here and had us set up, ready to hit the ground running and serve our clientele.

In the end, we successfully transitioned 6 staff members and 100 customers seamlessly. I couldn’t have asked for better support then, and it still continues to this day. When there is an issue, ICAT is always there for us. They consistently work with us to assist in our growth efforts. If you are like me, and you want to grow and have a partner to help you reach your goals, ICAT is a great choice.


  • Everyone is honest and straightforward. The contract is simple — no hidden fees, or bait and switches, which are common in the logistics agency business.
  • The Home Office has experience and a sincere interest in helping myself and other agencies grow their business. Our other agency partners are there for me when I need them as well.
  • The core values run through the entire organization, from the CEO to the agency partners to the Home Office.
  • The willingness to look at new opportunities and assist, even if it is outside of what corporate is currently doing. They always try to find a solution for any issues or opportunities that come about, and that means never saying “no” or “it can’t be done” from the get-go.
  • Whenever there has been a challenge or obstacle, ICAT has been there with full support. Some of the issues that have popped up could have destroyed us, but ICAT was always there.
  • Support is a phone call away. There is no distinct hierarchy at the Home Office. Everyone is willing to help, even if the job duty isn’t in their wheelhouse.


  • Successfully transitioned 6 staff members
  • Successfully transitioned 100 customers
  • 3 years of growth at ICAT
    • Year 2: 23% increase from Year 1
    • Year 3: 300% increase in GP from Year