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Our Methodology

Our ultimate goal is to be the #1 Agency-based Freight Forwarder in the United States.

ICAT’s focus from ground up to upper management is agency support and success. By doing so, we ensure the ultimate customer, who entrusts their logistics support to ICAT, leaves every transaction 100% satisfied.

ICAT’s mission is to help all those we touch grow positively. Rick Campbell, President and CEO of ICAT Logistics, states, “We are in the small business development business—that means we are focusing on our Agency Partners and helping them become the best they can be.”  The ICAT Agency Partner Program allows our partners to realize cost-reducing benefits, revenue opportunities and a comprehensive global network, not to mention, unparalleled corporate support.  We have many current agencies that have reached and surpassed the 5 and 10-year marks and transitioned their business seamlessly.

Agency Partner Program

ICAT’s concentration on agency growth and development for more than 25 years makes us a premier choice for logistics professionals looking to start an agency or grow an existing business. Finding the right partner in a competitive industry is crucial to your overall success. How do we do this? We support each other. Period.

Our hands-on support process is at the very core of our growth formula. It is the cornerstone to the partnerships we have with built with our network of agencies. We truly believe we offer the finest support structure in the industry because we focus on YOU rather than building company-owned offices.

Every member of our corporate team is partly compensated and evaluated on one primary metric—the profitable growth of each of our agencies. We are committed to continuous improvement and to assisting our partners in all aspects of growing their business. We do this by focusing on several areas on your business:

  •  Sales — Have you struggled to successfully train and mentor new salespeople or keep qualified ones?
  • Operations — Have you wasted time contacting vendors in a remote area to fulfill the needs of your customers?
  • Compliance — Has it been difficult to stay compliant with the ever-changing regulations within the industry?
  • Technology — Do you have trouble accessing vital information that could give you insight on your customers?
  • Finance — Are you fully prepared for an economic downturn or a large influx of business all at once?
  • Marketing — Do you need a set plan on creatively and actively reaching out to your prospects and customers?

Agency Testimonials

“When I joined ICAT, I was looking for that different approach. Twenty-four years later, I’m still here and growing my business to levels I never imagined possible. ICAT has stayed true to their values and asked for my input on growing the network. It’s been a win-win partnership since the beginning.” — Dan C. (ICAT DTW)

“I chose ICAT due to the promise of support and the interaction I had during our first meeting. Fifteen years later, I’m still here because of the trust I have built with the team and the continued support I receive daily. The relationship we have created allows us to grow together and keep pushing forward.” — Todd B. (ICAT PDX)

“I joined the company to further our client base where there would be limited boundaries to exceptional customer service at a reasonable price. ICAT had the experience and knowledge of transportation that I envisioned for myself as a partner—one that could progressively grow with the times.” — Bill T. (ICAT DEN)

“ICAT’s corporate support has been instrumental for the overall growth of our agency. Whether it’s dealing with customer interactions, vendor relations, compliance or billing, the corporate office’s extensive knowledge, assistance, and professionalism keeps our business flowing smoothly.” — Jerry P. (ICAT BNA)

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