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Our ultimate goal is to be the #1 Agency-based Freight Forwarder in the United States.

ICAT’s focus from ground up to upper management is agency support and success. By doing so, we ensure the ultimate customer, who entrusts their logistics support to ICAT, leaves every transaction 100% satisfied.

ICAT’s mission is to help all those we touch grow more profitably. Rick Campbell states “We are in the small business development business, that means we are focusing on our Agency Partners and we are helping them become the best they can be.”  The ICAT Agency Partner Program allows our partners to realize cost-reducing benefits, revenue opportunities and a comprehensive global network, not to mention, unparalleled corporate support.  ICAT has many agency partners that have reached and surpassed the 5 and 10 year marks, and transitioned their business seamlessly.

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We support each other. Our support process is at the core of our growth formula. It is the cornerstone to the partnership we have with our network of agencies. Each and every member of our corporate team is partly compensated and evaluated on one primary metric — the profitable growth of each and every one of our agencies. We are committed to continuous improvement and to assisting our partners in all aspects of growing their business.

  • Sales
    • Have you struggled to train and mentor a new sales rep, or keep a qualified one?
  • Operations
    • Have you wasted time contacting vendors in a remote area to fulfill the needs of your customer?
  • Industry Certifications
    • Has it been a struggle to keep up with TSA compliance and ever-changing regulations?
  • Technology
    • Have you ever had trouble accessing your operating system while away from you office?
  • Finance
    • Are you prepared for an economic crash or a large influx of business? Can you project profits?
  • Marketing
    • Have you ever struggled to come up with qualified leads or not know how to pursue them?





 “ICAT is one of the rising stars in the non-asset-based logistics business. They are growing rapidly and have really been able to identify how to reach critical logistics markets such as trade shows, asset management, super-hot expedited freight and charter delivery.” – Jim W. (ICAT MKE)

“I chose to join ICAT Logistics because of the amazing amount of support and respect they extend to all of their agencies. Both the corporate staff and other agency owners I have met are truly industry professionals.” – Mike F. (ICAT IND)

“We are coming up on 24 years with ICAT and it has been an exciting ride. I appreciate where we are today and where we were when we started. Looking back on what we talked about in the beginning it is all still true today; I like the fact that our relationship has always been a partnership.” – Dan C. (ICAT DTW)

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