Our Story

Discover our journey.

ICAT was founded in 1993 by President and CEO Rick Campbell, followed soon after by VP of Information Technology Steve Briggs and VP of Administration Jeanie Perkins. From these humble beginnings as a small outfit to our current position as a large global player, ICAT has had quite a ride. How we got from day 1 to today can be explained very simply with our mission statement. It’s ICAT in a nutshell. It’s what we live and breathe. It’s what motivates us. Whether we’re enjoying a healthy debate internally or working hand-in-hand with one of our valued customers, our mission has always been to help those we touch grow positively.

Of course, fulfilling this mission is much easier said than done. Here’s how we actually pull it off:

Hiring right and getting to the WOW!

Turning our mission into action begins with our ICAT teammates. Since Rick founded ICAT, he and the team have always recruited, hired, and trained our employees based on their strengths and how they’ll apply those strengths to make our team stronger. By ensuring that our teammates truly understand our mission, we empower them to make the right things happen for our clients. Things that result in that “Wow!” feeling for everyone involved.

Never forgetting who we are.

Yes, the customer always, always, always comes first. But, we also realize that in order to provide the highest value for our customers, we must also take care of our own company’s health. That’s why ICAT is committed to staying on the leading edge of corporate responsibility. From employee satisfaction to environmental impact, we’re proud to have earned many mentions and awards over the years.

Keeping our eye on the prize.

It sounds simple, but establishing a single-minded goal has had tremendous power in motivating our entire team to deliver the very best service and solutions for our customers. Our ultimate goal is to be the #1 agency-based freight forwarder in the United States. In the beginning, this was a dream. But thanks to our dedicated staff, our established relationships around the world, and our hard-earned reputation, this dream has turned into a very real possibility. Still headquartered in Elkridge, Maryland, the ICAT team now includes over 30 employees and 17 offices in the United States. We truly can’t wait to see what future holds for our current and potential client relationships.

Become Part of the ICAT Story

Lastly, we have a code by which we conduct our business. While we encourage and nurture individualism and personal growth, we do so with an absolute adherence to the core values within this code.

Our Core Values:

  • Integrity: The first step in living by a set of core values is making sure they’re more than just lip service. That’s why we hold ourselves to unwavering honesty, character, and accountability at every turn.
  • Loyalty: We are faithfully adherent to our course of action and our pledge to one another and our clients. ICAT still counts three of the original four employees, along with our first agency partner, as key members of the team.
  • Commitment: Our pledge begins with how we will communicate and care for each member of our team, our vendors, and our customers. We are committed to listen, include, provide, encourage, and recognize.
  • Passion: Our passion stems from delivering on our commitments and working toward positive results. While our departmental goals vary throughout the organization, our enterprise focus is the same – to help all those we touch grow more profitably.
  • Respect: We believe that respect means truly taking someone’s feelings, needs, thoughts, ideas, wishes, and preferences into consideration and then acting when appropriate. Respect includes acknowledging people, listening to them, being truthful with them, and accepting their individuality and idiosyncrasies.

Care and patience: the key to growth.

ICAT Logistics opened its doors in a modest, one-room office space in Baltimore, MD. The first order of business for founder Rick Campbell and his small team? Clearing out the past tenant’s trash. Included in the mess was a potted plant that appeared to be dead. But just as one of the original ICAT team members was about to toss it, Rick said, “Let’s see if we can save it.”

After weeks of feeding, pruning, repotting, and watering the plant, a new sprout appeared. With continued care over the next few months, it kept improving. As ICAT grew, the plant grew, too. It wasn’t until a few years in and one office upgrade later that the team realized the plant they loved wasn’t a plant at all. It was a tree!

Just like ICAT, the tree has seen good days and bad. It has spent time lying dormant, and it has surprised everyone with quick growth spurts. Yet despite all the ups and downs, it’s as healthy and strong today as it’s ever been.

As ICAT has expanded in the U.S. and over 100 global affiliate partners, the tree has been right there with us. Currently, it resides in CEO Rick Campbell’s office, and serves as a constant reminder of our mission – to help all those we touch grow more profitably.

“From a small seed, a mighty trunk may grow.” – Aeschylus