An ICAT Logistics Case Study

New Agency Enjoys Great Growth & Individual Freedom



I was in charge of an office for an absentee agency owner. I had been running and growing the office for years. While I had asked for ownership or at least a bigger piece of what I was producing, I was never given what I was promised and what I deserved. I decided to take my family’s future into my own hands.

I knew the ICAT name and their upper management, so I began speaking with them about the options for agency ownership. The contract is very fair and open to building a viable business. They laid out a plan that worked to help get me up and running as an agency. Their staff was very thorough in every aspect of the transition plan, from consulting on the best space to get started to custom marketing solutions. I can’t imagine an easier move or a smoother conversion.

Stepping off the cliff into business ownership is a frightening proposition. You get used to a way of life and start to accept many things just because of the fear of change. It took me a while to get over that fear. I am very pleased that I did. Their people really care about my business and are invested in my success.


  • PEOPLE. Trust is key. The people at ICAT do what they say and follow-up on a regular basis.
  • TEAMWORK. ICAT is not every many for himself. This is a team environment where other agencies help one another and corporate has our backs.
  • SUPPORT. As a new business owner, I needed a lot of assistance. From helping me financially to business consulting to sales assistance, the corporate office is there.
  • TOOLS. ICAT is always bringing new tools to the table to help the agencies. Whether you are more operational or sales-focused as a business owner, there are tools to help you fill the holes in your skill set.
  • FOCUS. ICAT corporate is focused on helping the agencies grow. They don’t spend our split contribution on growing their own stations. The money goes back to us.


  • Converted every account on our target list
  • Took sales leads from the corporate office and converted new accounts
  • Integrated key accounts with quick IT response
  • Earned higher gross profit than previous company
  • Kept more money in my pocket and my employees’ pockets