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Our Mission

ICAT Logistics / Our Mission

To help all those we touch grow more profitably.

This belief of helping all those we touch – at least in some small way – grow more profitably through our interaction, begins with our ICAT teammates. We recruit, hire and train people based on their strengths and how they might best apply those individual strengths to make our team stronger. By ensuring that our teammates truly understand our mission, we empower them to make the right things happen for our clients and provide the WOW feeling they have come to expect from ICAT.

We also recruit our service partners based on similar criteria. We ensure all those involved understand their role in the process of delivering that WOW experience. We help them operate more efficiently and productively through their interaction with ICAT, and that enables them to do so more profitably.

Ultimately, these collective efforts are focused to provide our customers, not only with an unmatched service experience, but a true WOW experience. This experience will demonstrate our ability to help them meet and exceed their logistics goals more efficiently and reliably – creating profitable growth through their partnership with ICAT Logistics, Inc.

Integrity • Loyalty • Commitment • Passion • Respect

Core Values


At ICAT, we have a code by which we conduct our business and that code is based on five fundamental values.  While we encourage and nurture individualism and personal growth, we do so with an absolute adherence to this code. 


We are faithfully adherent to our course of action and our pledge to one another and our clients.  ICAT opened its doors in 1993 and today still counts 3 of the original 4 employees and our first agency partner as key members of the team.


Our pledge begins with how we will communicate and care for each member of our team, our vendors and our customers.  We are committed to listen, include, provide, encourage and recognize. We are emotionally and intellectually bound to a course of action, to each other and our clients.


Results and delivering on our commitments are our passion.  While our departmental goals vary throughout the organization, our enterprise focus is the same – to help all those we touch grow more profitably. 


We believe that respect means taking someone's feelings, needs, thoughts, ideas, wishes and preferences into consideration as well as taking all of these seriously and giving them worth and value.  Respect includes acknowledging people, listening to them, being truthful with them, and accepting their individuality and idiosyncrasies.

Our Vision

To be the workplace of choice for the best and brightest in the industry that collectively provides our customer with the best value for their transportation dollar, a true “Wow” experience!

ICAT's Ultimate Goal

To be the #1 Agency-based Freight Forwarder in the United States!

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