Global Shipping

Internationally known to rock at each milestone.

We minimize the challenges often associated with global shipping, giving you the competitive advantage needed for profitable growth.

With decades-long relationships with over 300 agents around the world, we give you and your customers the flexibility not typically offered by large multinational asset-based carriers. We have the ability to pick up and deliver to hundreds of foreign ports, and handle all compliance matters, saving you significant time and money. In today’s global economy, having the capability to move freight directly from Point A to Point B can offer a discernible difference in the marketplace.

Through our network of service partners and agents, our solutions are dynamic and creative, offering everything from:

  • Full service options from door-to-door to everywhere in-between
  • Air service ranging from single pallet positions to charters
  • Online tracking through ICAT.Connect, providing real-time shipment visibility
  • Fully integrated Warehouse & Inventory Management System (WIMS)
  • Distribution services, order fulfillment, and returns
  • Long-term, short-term, and near-source warehousing domestically and internationally
  • Worldwide customs clearance and compliance
  • Foreign-to-foreign deliveries
  • Cargo insurance

We believe we should only take on a new client if we can:

  • Affect their business positively
  • Make a bottom line impact
  • Ensure future sales
  • Offer customized solutions and meet the commitments needed

Case study: The Olympic Games

For additional information, please email info@icatlogistics.com