An ICAT Logistics Case Study

Geared Up for Growth

Geared Up for Growth


One of our customers, who specializes in event production, contacted ICAT to arrange multiple equipment pickups and deliveries. The high-value gear was essential for various weekend events across the country, and needed to be securely stored at geographically strategic points between exchanges. Despite the project’s many variables, the customer’s tight budget also meant logistics costs had to be kept to a minimum.


One option would have been to arrange for individual storage units, and then use third-party logistics vendors in each city. However, this would have decreased the customer’s margins, put their equipment at risk, and limited the areas where they could host events. Instead, ICAT consulted with the customer to find an overall solution that would not just meet every need, but encourage their reach and future growth.

First off, we made it a priority to increase protection around their most valuable asset. We created custom crates for the equipment, ensuring security for any length journey and minimizing storage needs. Next, we collaborated with the client to streamline the logistics process, eliminating unnecessary costs and labor. Part of this streamlining involved using the ICAT network’s storage capabilities to keep the equipment near major event hubs.


The customer has had zero failed events since they’ve been working with ICAT, and late deliveries have been kept to a mere 1%. ICAT’s mission is to “help all those we touch grow positively,” and we’re proud to have done exactly that for yet another client.

How ICAT got the job done for our customer:

  • Dedicated a deep understanding of multiple regions’ infrastructure, traffic, and venue nuances
  • Managed a limited budget with unconventional solutions, like creating custom equipment crates
  • Never lost sight of our customer’s long-term growth goals, and made every logistics decision based on this mindset

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