Communication and Expertise: Essential Elements to Successful Executions of Specialized Shipments

ICAT Logistics, Inc.
Baltimore Office

In a recent engagement, Transnorm Systems contacted ICAT Logistics for assistance in the transportation of an oversized laser saw from Plainville, CT to Arlington, TX, and needed to meet a specific deadline. This specialized shipment required attention to detail, but had particular concerns, such as the need for a 48" step-deck trailer with a crane and rigging for the loading and unloading processes. This shipment also required permits for the laser saw's wide body and a high amount of insurance, and could only be transported during daylight hours, making this project a tall order from the get-go.

With shipments like this, companies can choose to go through the manufacturer to manage the logistics and transportation. However, in this case, given the high-level of planning and detailed attention it required from start to finish, Transnorm Systems explored other options to ensure the on-time and successful execution of the move.

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