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We pride ourselves on our global logistics expertise, but even more so, on our uniquely personal approach to getting the job done on time and to our customers’ complete satisfaction.



We use ICAT Logistics to handle our critical shipments of brake testing equipment. From air to ocean shipments, we know that our machines will get delivered on time and with great care and customer service. ICAT is always there whenever you need them at any time, day or night, allowing us to ensure on time deliveries to our customers.

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Custom Solutions

Because we believe that our people are more powerful than any algorithm could be, our custom solutions can be truly tailored to each individual customer. Our highly skilled team members utilize and deliver cutting-edge technology, while never letting it interfere with our personalized approach.

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Asset Management

Our asset management solutions offer a refreshing hybrid of innovative technology and hands-on customer care.

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Time-Critical Shipping

Failure is simply not an option when it comes to delivering your materials on time, wherever they need to be―trade show, event, you name it.

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Global Shipping

With highly personal relationships in place around the world and decades of experience in the international shipping industry, our team is trained to go the extra mile at every mile. All so your job is streamlined and hassle-free.

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Customer Service

When we say 24/7/365 personal service, we mean it. We’re proud to be one of the industry’s most experienced, professional, and accommodating teams. That means no off-hours, automated menus, or excuses.

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We can claim to be different all day, but nothing proves it better than our case studies.

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